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LONDON, November 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SeekSikh launches a brand new Sikh Sangat Matrimonial Website to help Single Sikhs to find their soulmates through a simple, fully-featured platform that’s designed for those looking to find like minded Sikhs looking to settle down.

• is the UK’s ONLY completely FREE Sikh Matrimonial website.
• Not intended to be a money making venture, this is sewa.
• Provided for those serious about marriage

Helping Single Sikhs

Finding the one has become increasingly difficult, stressful and financially draining which is why the UK based team decided to step up and offer their own form of sewa through the means of a free Sikh matrimonial platform. Originally conceived of SeekSikh initially in 2015, it has taken five years to achieve go-live due to other commitments. 

“When we originally had the idea to create an online Sikh matrimonial [dating] platform for the community, the initial intention was for this to be a commercial side venture as we all have full-time professions, however upon reflection and as the vision started to take shape, we decided to offer this as a free platform to help the sangat. Sikhi teaches us about selfless service and having listened to the experiences of our friends and family that had spent hundreds of pounds on paid for Sikh matrimonial [dating] sites only to find disappointment so we wanted to do something to help. says Barjinder Singh, Founder of SeekSikh. 

Keeping Punjabi Culture Alive

SeekSikh’s culture is rooted in an unashamed love for tradition, Barjinder states “we want to keep Punjabi virsa (culture) alive, more so in the West as we approach second, third and even the fourth generation of British Punjabis.” The times are also changing, “traditionally singles may have received introductions from friends and relatives, this is happening less often as people just don’t want to be held accountable in the event that relationships don’t work out. Whilst there are a number of relatively low cost Gurdwara Matrimonial services, they do unfortunately have their limitations.”.

Harpreet Kaur, SeekSikh volunteer says, “Our team are on a mission to help single Sikhs find their soulmates. To feel loved and find happiness, we hope this newly created Sikh Matrimony platform helps singletons to find their match.”

Sikh Sangat Matrimonial UK

The SeekSikh platform was launched in 2020 and is focused on Sikh Matrimonial within the UK. SeekSikh provides a free Sikh Dating platform for Single Sikhs that are serious about settling down and fully taking on the responsibilities of married life.




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