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One of the most crucial aspects of any Sikh dating profile is the bio, aside from the profile photo this is the section that will either tempt someone to make first contact or to keep scrolling. So, it’s important to write something that is compelling and inviting.

Just as you would spend some time to write that application for that dream job, be prepared to spend some time on writing your bio. Something that sums you up and highlights the things you love, think of your overall profile as your CV and the bio the Covering Letter.

It’s often quite surprising when we review profiles for moderation and the bio literally just states, ‘Don’t really know what to say here…’, ‘Get in touch if you have questions…’, ‘I like to eat and watch films. Would like a likeminded companion...’

Fitteh Moo (Face Palm)

Yes, fitteh moo… surely if you are looking for that someone special and want to land some ‘interviews’, you should demonstrate some level of commitment by at least writing a few non-cliché statements within your ‘About Me’ bio. We’re not advocating dissertation levels of writing, only two to three short, well written paragraphs that provide some insight to your personality, your goals and what you’re looking for. This isn’t Tinder where you only have a few lines, take the opportunity to represent yourself.

If you’re funny, demonstrate some humour to attract the kind of person that would laugh at your jokes in the real world. If you’re a geek that loves Star Trek, then drop in little hints through phrases like ‘May the Force be with you’, but importantly reflect who you are and project a true image. After all you are trying to find someone on the same wavelength, so don’t jam your bio with content that doesn’t represent you.

To help you along we’ve provided some handy Sikh dating bio top tips below.

Sikh Dating Profile Bio Top Tips

1. Be Short and sweet; you might have heard people saying, “keep your CV to 2 pages”, the reason being that the reviewer often has dozens of profiles to review. So, don’t write a novel, between 2-3 paragraphs is the sweet spot.

2. Avoid clichés; just don’t use them because they don’t convey anything meaningful other than your lack of imagination and commitment. Your bio is your opportunity to showcase yourself, make sure you don’t waste it, because someone is unlikely to revisit your profile if it didn’t grab their attention on the first place.

3. Be specific about who you are and what you’re into; don’t simply state you enjoy walking, state something more unique and interesting, for example, ‘I completed The Three Peaks challenge during summer as I love trekking’. Don’t say you enjoy watching films, tell us more! ‘If i could watch any film over and over it would be Groundhog Day because I love comedy and Bill Murray’, hopefully you get the gist. The more specific you are, the more likely you’ll find someone that’s on the same journey.

4. Be specific about what you are seeking; are you spiritual and looking for someone on a journey into Sikhi? Or are you looking for someone that isn’t so religious but into Punjabi culture as well as Glastonbury? We’d recommend not being too prescriptive, because the chances are that by being yourself, you’re more likely to attract likeminded individuals in the first place.

5. Check your spelling and grammar; nothing is more off-putting than a poorly written bio. Not only might this portray you as uneducated and sloppy, but it demonstrates a real lack of interest and commitment to finding someone to settle down with. So just as you would double, perhaps triple check your CV and covering letter before submitting it, do the same thing here.

6. Don’t use white lies; whilst it’s only natural to embellish your CV for a job application, don’t do this on your SeekSikh dating profile. This will only get you in trouble when you meet in person, so always be yourself and stick to the truth.

7. Keep it fresh; simply put, don’t write your profile once and never refresh it. Whether you’ve had some exciting developments in your life, discovered you love retro bhangra or decided you now want someone to backpack around the world with – convey it in your bio, keep it updated as you evolve. Likewise, profile photos can also become stale and automatically dismissed when someone is scrolling through, so keep refreshing them.

Now that you know how to write a dating profile bio, give yourself the best chance of finding a compatible Sikh partner and register with SeekSikh today!

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