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Here’s a quick guide that takes your through the simple process of registering on and completing your profile. You’ll see it’s as easy as ABC! 

Sign Up & Create an Account

Buddypress Complete Profile Form

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘SIGN UP’ button, simply complete the form! 

Note that all of the fields are required, although you can hide certain fields, for example you could hide your ‘Name’ from the profile if you wanted to.

Once you’ve completed the initial ‘Profile Details’, please review the terms and conditions, before clicking on the ‘Complete Sign-Up’ button.

Activate your Account

Within an hour you will (you should) receive an ‘Activate your Account’ email from: 

[email protected] 

This may end up in your ‘junk’ folder, so please do add this to your safe senders list.

Once you have the email, just follow the link within the email, and you’ll then be taken to the ‘Activate your Account’ page, where the ‘Activation Key’ field should be pre-populated, then click on ‘Activate’.

You will then see a ‘Accounted Activated’ confirmation.

For the next part, you will need to login.

Complete your Profile

You’ve probably heard the saying, Love at First Sight – and it can happen, however it won’t happen with a generic avatar. 

SO, the first thing you need to do is upload your photo! To do this, simply click on ‘Change Photo’ and follow the instructions.

Please choose a photo where your face is clearly visible but do ensure that it doesn’t look like a mugshot or something that was taken under duress.

Say paneer 😍

Once you’ve added your photo, move on to adding details to the following tabs:

– Base
– Personal Summary
– Looking For
– Lifestyle

PLEASE be honest, paint a realistic picture. You would not want to be misled, so be respectful. 

If you really want to jazz up your profile, you can also change the Cover Image! 

And that’s it, your profile is now complete and ready for others to view and read through. As a reminder, please always be respectful and polite. If profiles are reported, they will be investigated and removed with a lifetime ban for the user.

On that note, May The Force be With You – we hope you find the one ❤ 




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