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If you are looking for Sikh matrimonial sites in the UK, you can stop because you just found SeekSikh the free Sikh Matrimonial site! This is a UK based website platform for the Sikh Sangat, specifically for British Single Sikhs that are looking to settle down in married life regardless of whether or not they are Amritdhari.

The SeekSikh Story

The original idea for SeekSikh was conceived in 2015, however it wasn’t until the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 that the Sikh Matrimony service actually went live as a form of seva. This launch of the service was in response to the shut down of the Gurdwara matrimonial introductory services and the typical Sikh speed dating events that would normally have been scheduled to take place across 2020/21. This left many single Sikhs in the lurch. 

During this time, we spoke with friends and family that had registered on a variety of costly Sikh matrimony sites or Sikh introduction services that not only charged monthly, quarterly or annual fees but over promised and ultimately under delivered.

Why is SeekSikh a FREE Sikh Matrimonial Site?

Within Sikhi, one of the key principles is ‘sewa’ meaning to provide a ‘selfless service’ and to help others in a variety of ways, without any reward or personal gain. 

It is because of this core tenet that the SeekSikh project was born, to offer the UK Sikh Sangat an alternative Sikh Matrimony website that would offer a premium(ish) service without costing members a penny.

This platform is designed to help Sikh men and women (primarily within the UK) to find a suitable Sikh partner to settle down with.

So regardless of where you are – London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle or even Glasgow please do join and we hope that through SeekSikh you find someone that makes you happy!

Sikh Matrimonial UK Seva

The Sikh Matrimony Site with Premium Service & Features

Despite this being a free platform, we do endeavour to provide a premium service and offer the types of features that would typically only be available within paid for sites.

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Manual Approval Required

All registration requests from single Sikhs require manual approval by site admin before they are able to interact with other members or become visible on the site.

Sikh Dating Verified Members

Verified Single Sikhs

Users MUST submit an 'ID Selfie' when when they first register on SeekSikh. Verified members get a blue verification badge against their profile.

Private Member Chat

SeekSikh incorporates a fully featured private messaging system that enables members to chat. The system also provides the ability to block and report others.

UK Sikh Matrimonial

All of the admin team for SeekSikh are UK based and the hosting provider we use hosts the website in a UK based data centre. Data is not shared with third parties.

Donate & Support this Seva Project

We established this platform to serve the Sikh sangat and we do not impose a joining or registration fee. If you would like to support towards the future development of SeekSikh then please feel free to donate 🙏🏼




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