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SeekSikh is a Sikh Dating site is for singles that are looking to get married in the near future, not just toying with the idea of marriage. This is not a ‘hookup’ site like the one that rhymes with Pinder, so if you’re not ready to get married, then please come back when you are.

According to Sikhi, dating is not standard practice as it is in the western world where singles often date for months or years before deciding to commit. Traditionally, ‘back in the day’ you would have received introductions from bicholans, friends or family and following a very brief introduction over some cha, samosas and ladoos, you would be engaged and on the fast track to marriage. Once married you would then get to discover each others annoying habits.

However, this is becoming more of a rarity and it’s only natural that you’d want to get to know someone before saying hanji and from our perspective that’s absolutely fine. 

What is Sikh Dating?

For clarity, by Sikh Dating we’re talking about two people meeting socially to assess each other’s suitability as a prospective partner and obviously you have to find the right one! So, how many dates does it take before you determine if the person you’re dating is husband or wife material? We can’t say for sure, but we’d say that 100’s of dates spanning many months isn’t the way to go. You should know after the first few conversations and dates whether or not there’s a bright future.

To help keep you on track and ensure that the first few dates are fruitful, we’ve put our thinking caps on produced some guidance for all of the Single Sikhs reading this article!

Sikh Dating Checklist for Single Sikhs

So hopefully you’ve met someone you like on and after a few chats, agreed to meet up in person (pandemic permitting) and of course being mindful of our safe dating tips

We are providing this guidance because when you first meet you’re typically in the ‘honeymoon period’, (Harmony before Matrimony). This is the golden time early on in a relationship when you can do no wrong in each other’s eyes. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with rose tinted glasses, do ensure they don’t let your heart lead entirely, please do give your head a chance to have a say.

Questions to Ask Whilst Dating

Before committing it’s very important that you establish quite quickly that you’re both on the same wavelength, have similar interests, shared goals and family values, don’t just base your decisions on physical attraction. We’re not advising you to seek perfection, as we’ve stated previously your perfect match may not be the one that ticks all the boxes you thought needed to be ticked.

Rather than compile a huge list of standard cliché questions linked to interests, past history etc, here are some others you may wish to ask over a coffee:

1. Why are they settling down? 
2. What are their expectations from marriage & life?
3. What is their family like, traditional / liberal?
4. What are the family dynamics?
5. What does their friends circle look like?

two coffee cups with heart latte art

We are not saying you should ask all of these questions on your very first date, obviously start with the simple things to establish basic compatibility first, i.e. a shared love of Star Trek, Panjabi music, aloo parathas and EastEnders. But do delve deeper and don’t hesitate to ask the questions you need to.

SeekSikh is the free site for Sikh Matrimony UK.

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