Safe Dating Guide

From experience and feedback, most of the people you meet through online dating / and this Sikh matrimonial site will be genuine, sincere individuals just looking for the one. However, as in everyday life there are always exceptions – so here are some simple tips to keep yourself and your bank account safe!

Take your time with online dating

Read as many profiles as you can, take your time before deciding to make contact and when you do, don’t let your heart take over and start divulging every facet of your personal life the first time you chat. Take your time, see if your personalities and interests match up as the relationship develops.

Gut instinct – trust it

Don’t carry on communicating unless it feels right. If someone comes across as being possessive or starts asking inappropriate questions or makes you feel uncomfortable then notify site management and stop communicating.

Do not take people at face value

We’ve all told the odd lie on a CV, it’s the same with all dating sites. So just as you wouldn’t / shouldn’t trust anyone the first time you meet them in person, do the same online. As you get to know the person, look for inconsistencies and once you’re at a point where you know the persons full name / profession cross-check the details on LinkedIn and Facebook and ensure that the profiles look genuine i.e. number of contacts and recent activity.

Sharing Your Contact details

Do not give out your full contact details until you feel comfortable in doing so. Typically you might want to share a phone number just before you meet for the first time, however consider using a ‘burner’ (disposable PAYG number). With a disposable number, you don’t have to block a person from your permanent phone or resort to getting a new number later. Whether or not you snap the ‘burner’ phone in half Breaking Bad style, is entirely your choice.

Before meeting for the first date

Make sure that you’ve at least had a video chat first – there’s no excuse for not doing so, do it through WhatsApp, Teams or Zoom – but definitely do it. Ensure he or she matches the profile photo and comes across as a sane person – it’ll also make spotting the person in Starbucks (or another crowded public place – hint, hint) a bit easier.

Safety tips for real dating:

• Do not meet in a back alley! Fairly obvious (hopefully) meet in a well lit public place
• Do let a close friend know where you are going and who you are meeting, give them contact details too.
• Do take your phone and keep it switched on.
• Do text or call the friend during and after the date to let them know you are ok.
• Do not accept a ride home on the first date or tell them where you live.
• On the first date ensure you have an exit strategy, set a time limit for when you need to go by.
• Never feel pressured in to meeting someone again, if you feel it’s not right let them down gently!

Happy dating we hope you find the one that makes you happy and stay safe!




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