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Single Sikhs, if you genuinely want to get married and settle down, it’s time to get serious and take control of your journey. Do not be a passenger and allow fate to steer the way – because you might find that it steers you in the wrong direction – the one that keeps you single!

So, to help you on this journey we’ve put together a simple guide, to provide some food for thought and to make you consider your approach to finding the one.

1. Pick the RIGHT Single Sikh Dating Site

There is no shortage of dating sites with more than 1,400 sites in the UK alone, there are so many that it’s hard to determine which to join or avoid. Some encourage you to keep swiping, some ask you to answer a gazillion profile questions and then employ super sophisticated algorithms to match you up with someone who on ‘paper’ might seem ideal, but isn’t unfortunately on your wavelength.

Instead of joining a generic, mass market dating / hook-up site, consider joining a niche dedicated Sikh Matrimony site that caters specifically for Single Sikhs that are seeking a partner of the same faith for marriage. 

SeekSikh was set up for this specific purpose, to act as a viable alternative to not only the generic dating sites, but to the Gurdwara matrimonial services too. In the true spirit of Sikhi, we provide this site as a form of seva.

2. Make your Sikh Matrimonial Profile Shine

You will hopefully have heard the saying that “first impressions count” and yet, it’s surprising that a significant number of people don’t put any effort in to creating a dating profile that stands out or even explains the basics of who they are or what they are seeking.

The first thing that your potential husband or wife will see is your profile photo, unfortunately however many of the profile images we see are sub-par. We see everything from poorly taken mirror selfies, group photos and even photos taken from a distance showing a silhouette. 

Profiles with well taken photos get better results!

Sikh Matrimony Profile Photo

Correct Photo

Your face must be clearly visible in the photo, although it doesn't have to be an extreme close up. Please ensure that only you are in the photo not your entire social circle.

Wrong Photo

Although we love the artistic vibe keep this for Instagram, it's not ideal as a Sikh Matrimony profile photo because we simple cannot see your gorgeous face.

Sikh Matrimony Profile Photo

Wrong Photo

"Which one are you then?", "I'm the one in the right", "AH, I actually like the one on the top left, could you please ask him to join SeekSikh?" You get the idea.

3. Tell Other Single Sikhs Who You Are

Simply stating your stats and displaying a profile photo isn’t unfortunately enough, it’s actually no better than sending out speculative CV’s hoping that one will grab someone’s attention. 

So just as you would expect to write a covering letter to land that ‘dream job’, do at the very least provide an overview of who you are and perhaps what you are looking for through the ‘About Me‘ section. 

When writing this, please avoid the generic “I enjoy going out, travelling and working out” statements, because they don’t really convey anything other than a lack of imagination or effort.

To make your summary pop, you might want to highlight some of the following:

– Why you are looking to settle down
– What you are passionate about
– How others would describe you
– What you are looking for
– The things you are most thankful for
– Why someone should contact you

Remember to stay sincere, use humour, avoid clichés, be clear about what you’re seeking and include a call to action to encourage people to reach out and say hello. 

Better profiles get better results!

4. Increase your Credibility

Simply stated, prove you are who you say you are, through a verified profile. This will provide reassurance to others that you are a real person.

We offer verified profile badges and all you need to do to get one is submit an ID selfie of yourself alongside your passport or photocard driving license. There’s no charge for this service, it’s free!

Verified profiles get better results!

5. Be Committed to The Search

As a registered member of SeekSikh or any other dating site, be proactive and not passive. Don’t just log on occasionally, make it a regular habit to log in to check out the latest profiles and to start or maintain conversations.

Please remember that prompt responses to messages don’t indicate desperation, they demonstrate commitment and a certain level of professionalism as well as common courtesy.

Commitment gets better results!

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interest and commitment difference

Single Sikh Speed Dating Events

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