PLEASE READ – Registration Next Steps

Emails - Check SPAM

You will shortly receive two emails from us, both from '[email protected]' if you can't find them, please look in your SPAM or JUNK folder. The 1st email is to 'Activate your Account' the second to inform you that your profile is 'Pending Approval'.
Please add the email address to your safe senders list.

Add a Profile Photo

No photo, No approval.
You must always have at least one photo displayed on your profile for other singles to view. If, you delete your profile photo after your account has been approved, your profile will be suspended.

Submit your ID Selfie

No ID, No approval.
Once you have uploaded your profile photo, send an ID Selfie alongside your passport or photocard drivers license to [email protected]
Once reviewed we will add a 'verified badge' against your profile.

Admin Profile Review

Your profile will NOT automatically appear on the site, neither will you be able to view or interact with other profiles UNTIL a member of the SeekSikh Moderation team has reviewed and approved your profile. We will contact you If there are any issues that require addressing.

Extend Your Profile

This is your opportunity to shine, so add more details about you and your partner preferences within the 'Looking For' and 'Lifestyle' sections.

Start Chatting

You can search through the Members list and 'Private Message' members of the opposite sex. As a user you can add 'Friends' as well as 'Block' and 'Report' other users.

Donate & Support this Seva Project

SeekSikh is completely FREE and we will never impose a mandatory joining fee, however you can support the sewa project by donating through PayPal.  Donate as little or as much as you like, it only takes a minute and your contribution will help fund hosting, maintenance and future enhancements. Thank you.

Website performance will be improving by the end of 2021 as we upgrade hosting to cope with increased demand for the service. In the meantime please bear with us.

Profile Photo Guidance

You’ve probably heard the saying, Love at First Sight – and it can happen, however it won’t happen with an obscure or missing profile photo. SO, the first thing you need to do is upload YOUR photo! To do this, simply click on ‘Change Photo’ on the profile page and follow the instructions. 

Failure to add an suitable photo will delay your access to the site – say paneer 😍

NOTE: If you remove your profile photo after your profile is approved your account will be suspended until it is reinstated.

Sikh Matrimony Profile Photo

Correct Photo

Your face must be clearly visible in the photo, although it doesn't have to be an extreme close up. Please ensure that only you are in the photo not the whole family or neighbourhood.

Wrong Photo

Although it is highly artistic and great for Instagram, it's not so great as a Sikh Matrimony profile photo because we can't see your beautiful face.

Sikh Matrimony Profile Photo

Wrong Photo

"Which one are you then?", "I'm the one in the middle", "OH, I actually like the one on the top left, could you please ask him to join SeekSikh?" You get the idea.

Extend your Profile [Recommended]

Once you’ve added your photo, please do take the time to complete some of the extended profile sections, so that you can provide a detailed overview of who you are and the type of partner you’re looking for.

To do this, click on ‘Edit‘ and complete the details beneath the following tabs:

– Base
– Looking For
– Lifestyle

Please be honest, paint a realistic picture. You would not want to be misled, so be respectful. 

As a reminder, please always be respectful and polite. If profiles are reported, they will be investigated and removed with a lifetime ban for the user. No second chances.

On that note, May The Force be With You – we hope you find the one!




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