Safe Dating Guide

Safe Dating Guide

We’re committed to helping you to find the ‘ONE’ but we cannot ignore your safety so here are some top tips for avoiding scammers, so that you can have a fun and enjoyable ‘finding the one online’ experience and hopefully a happily ever after life.

1 | The Username

Firstly, don’t choose a username that is too similar to your actual name i.e. ‘DiljitDosanjh1’, you don’t want stalkers the moment you create your profile. Secondly, don’t choose a username that doesn’t represent who you are or one that would attract the wrong type of attention.  

Once you feel comfortable with the person you’re chatting with and if there’s a ‘connection’, then of course reveal your true identity so that the fact checking can begin!

2 | Personal Info

The primary aim of is to provide you with a safe platform to get to know someone better and determine whether or not they could be the one. So with that in mind do not divulge too much information straight away i.e. last name, address. Play it safe and on your profile and simply state the facts which will help others to determine whether or not you are aligned. 

Unfortunately, someone who seems great whilst chatting online could be very different in real life, so wait to share more personal details until you’ve met them in person. 

3 | Meet sooner rather than later

Despite the fact that the person you’re speaking with online might come across as an old friend, they are still a stranger until you’ve met, so don’t keep the conversation digital. It’s harder to keep secrets face to face. If for whatever reason it’s not feasible to meet in person i.e. distance, then at the very least try to WhatsApp video chat or Skype. 

If meeting in person then use a common sense approach, especially on the first few occasions. Do meet in a public space during the day for a set period of time, do arrange your own travel and do tell a friend or family member about the meeting and provide them with the details of the person you’re meeting.

Go slow. don’t start declaring your love for each other within the first 5 minutes, take your time to get to know one another, fact-check & background-check.

4 | Fact-Check

Just as you’d use Google to fact-check a variety of facts, use it to Google the person you’ve just started talking to and have a deep-dive in to the information that comes up. Furthermore, does the person have an active & mature Facebook profile? Do they have a reasonable friend count and are they tagged in to group photos or do they simply look like a modelling portfolio? Aside from Facebook, check out the LinkedIn profile too (if applicable) and ensure that they have an active profile, with documented experience and most importantly ‘endorsements’ and ‘recommendations’.

If there’s only a limited amount of information that appears or if the accounts look like they’ve been recently set up or appear to be largely inactive then it’s likely to be a scammer, so raise the alarm and report them to the admin team.

5 | Background Check

OK, we might sound more paranoid than your parents but your safety is paramount, so with this in mind you can and should especially if you have any doubts order a ‘background check’, they’re readily available and you’ll find a multitude of service providers after a quick Google search. One prominent service provider is ‘AreTheySafe‘, note that are not an affiliate.

Background checks provide a detailed history and understanding of an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information. By taking this up you can ensure that you’ve entered in to the relationship carefully with a level head, instead of just following your heart.




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